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Computer Science Major Computer science education at ECSU emphasizes the fundamental principles of mathematics and the engineering sciences, and is broadened by substantial opportunities in the arts, the social sciences, the life sciences, and the humanities. The pervasive character of modern computer science has precipitated many interactions between computer science and other disciplines. A good foundation in undergraduate computer science is increasingly viewed as an excellent preparation for careers in business, engineering, law, and medicine. Through the selection of electives, students may create specialized interdisciplinary tracks with computer science as the core of their study. The computer science program encourages this experimentation by defining minors in the areas of management information science and mathematics. A commitment to this approach in computer science education is realized by the ability to double major at Eastern Connecticut State University in both Mathematics and Computer Science. In summary, the goals of the computer science program are deeply rooted in the liberal education as well as a professional experience. The detailed objectives of the program reflect this overall concern.

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